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Start a Quarterly Meeting

Select Team

  • On the left toolbar, choose the "Meeting" feature.

  • Next, click on "Quarterly Meeting" in the top toolbar.

  • Select the Department/Team to organize the Quarterly Meeting. In case you're setting up a quarterly meeting at the Company level, choose "Leadership Team".

  • Click the "Start" button when all members are ready for the meeting day.

Start the Meeting

In Simplamo, we have established a logical agenda to efficiently organize quarterly meetings, with suggestions for the Facilitator, Attendees, and maximum time for each part.

Please use the "Show Meeting Tips" feature to have an effective meeting day. Click "Got it" button after reading to tidy up the screen.

1. Create an Issue

During Part 1 to Part 4, please create an "Issue" whenever a team member raises a problem, question, or proposal.

To do this, click on the “+Issue” button located in the upper right corner.

2. Edit - Add Content

  • In Part 4 of the meeting - Reviewing the Company’s Vision, if you need to edit or add any information, click on the pencil icon and enter the corresponding data.

  • Click "Save" after each data entry action.

  • In Part 5 of the meeting - Setting up New Quarterly Priority Objectives.

    • After aligning with the team on the new Quarterly Priorities, create objective by clicking on the “Goals button in the upper right corner and enter the corresponding data.

    • Full fill all information

    • In case an Objective has not been completed but needs to be prioritized in the new Quarter, let select the Business Session for the new Quarter.

    • When an Objective needs to be removed from the list, let select "Archive Goal". At this point, Simplamo will ask you, "Are you sure to you want to Archive?", consider wether click on “Save performance Goals or not. This part is relatively important in the 1:1 conversation.

3. Issue Solving

Move on to Part 6 of the meeting - addressing critical issues. The Simplamo will first allow you and your team to review the list of established Priority Objectives. The purpose of this is to eliminate issues that have been addressed through "Priority Objective".

As you scroll down, you will see the entire list of issues created on the Company’s Vision (question 8), and the issues mentioned during the Quarterly Meeting from Part 1 to Part 5.

Classify issues into 3 types as follows:

  • Issues to be "discarded" —> Select the "Archive Issue" button
  • Issues that can be brought to the weekly meeting for resolution —> Change the issue term to "Short-term”
  • Significant issues that need to be addressed in the quarterly meeting —> Keep them for processing.

Start to address each issues by following Issue Solving process:

  1. Arrange priorities 1-2-3

  2. Process each issue according to the formula:

    1. IDENTIFY: Identify the root cause
    2. DISCUSS: Discuss the solution
    3. SOLVE: Finalize the solution with specific to-do.
  3. If there's still time, continue to prioritize and address issues as much as possible until the time runs out.

  4. If there's no time left, discuss with your team whether to bring it to the leadership-level weekly meeting or keep it on the Vision for non-urgent issues.

4. Next Steps and Conclusion

  • Review all the finalized actions together.
  • Collect opinions/feedback from team members.
  • Click on *"Finish Meeting".*

So you have now completed your understanding of the Quarterly Meeting feature.

Wishing you success!