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Right People - Right Seat

I. How to know a person align with your Company?

This Tool will support you to answer the question *"How to know a person align with your Company?"*

Excellent organizations are built by having people known as "Right People” and “Right Seat” - 100% throughout the organization chart to the lowest level. That's exactly the purpose this Tool, that assist you in recognizing truly suitable individuals.

  • Right People: They are individuals who align with the company's culture. They conduct themselves and carry out their duties based on the Company’s Core Values.
  • Right Seat: Based on the roles in the organization chart - Right Seat means they are sitting in a position where they can contribute best to the organization. It is a place where individuals can harness and maximize their unique abilities to effectively carry out their objectives.

The People Review on Simplamo is a simple tool - helping us combine Core Values and the Organization Chart together, supporting you in identifying who is the Right People - Right Seat every Quarter and year.

II. How does it work ?

Step 1: Identify "Right People"

You list the personnel that you are managing directly in the left-hand column, then, your company’s Core Values across the top. Please refer to the example below:

Next, evaluate each personnel against each Core Value according to the following criteria:

  • Mark a plus (+) if they consistently live and demonstrate the Core Values most of their time.
  • Mark a plus/minus (+/-) if they sometimes they do / demonstrate but sometime they do not demonstrate the values.
  • A minus (-) indicates that the personnel mostly do not live the company's Core Values.

When completed, the "Right People" identification table will resemble the following:

Every company establish its minimum criteria for accepting an individual as the "Right People."

When your company has 5 Core Values, Simplamo proposes the criteria for selecting the "Right People" should be having 3 (+) marks and 2 (+/-) marks. The determination of this criterion is based on the values that are prioritized by your organization and are influenced by its leadership.

Step 2: Identify "Right Seat"

Using the Organization Chart, each person is evaluated against their functional roles and responsibility using following 3 criteria:

GET IT: Do they get the job? → YES/NO

  • Do they comprehend both the internal and external components of their position?

  • Do they comprehend how their job relates to and impacts others?

  • Do they feel fully engaged and connected to their work?

    For example, a person who display rude behavior as flight attendants or do not comprehend the product after a month of training are considered as do not "get the job".

WANT IT: Do they want this job? → YES/NO

  • Do they truly interested in taking on this role?

  • Do they wake up early every morning and feel motivated to start working?

  • Do they passionate about the role they are taking on?

    For example, A family business in Ho Chi Minh City, the accountant clerk informs their manager: "I've been doing this job for 10 years. I want to do something else. I think I don't want to do this job anymore."


  • Do they have the capability of fulfilling the roles assigned to them?

  • Do they possess the necessary intellectual, emotional, physical, and temporal resources to handle the task?

    For example, a receptionist who struggles with the phone system and an IT specialist who is afraid of making mistakes are 2 examples of people who don’t have the capacity for their position.

The answer of each criteria is YES or NO. Either they Get it, Want it, have the capacity to do it, or they don’t. They are no “maybe”.

Simplamo proposes that the "Right Seat" must meet a minimum criterion of 3 YES.

Once these three criteria are added, the completed People Identification table will look like this example:

III. Why is this important?

The People Identification tool is a comprehensive picture that helps businesses recognize who are the "Right People - Right Seat" to make appropriate decisions. Based on the example mentioned earlier, it is easy to identify that who is the Right people - Right seat with the Company, and what we will do next for the others.

Furthermore, this tool can aid in self-evaluation. It allows you to assess whether you are a good match for your current position and whether any modifications are necessary.

You might be a Right People - Right Seat, or you might not be. However, if you realize that you are not a fit for the company, don't panic. This doesn't mean you're not capable, it just means you might be better suited for a different role. In case you are not in the "Right Seat," it's a sign that you should explore other opportunities where you can utilize your unique skills and find success in your career.

On Simplamo, the People Identification tool is integrated into the 1:1 90-Days conversation (period conversation) and Annual Review feature. Combined with the review and assessment of Quarterly Priority Goals and leadership and management capabilities, which provides leadership a strong foundation for personnel selection.

Click on the link to learn how to conduct the 1:1 90-Days conversation and the Annual Review.