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Simplamo Updates v1.19

🚀 New Features

The Import tool allows users to easily convert and bring data from Excel into the Simplamo system. This feature also helps reduce time and effort for manual data entry, while minimizing errors and ensuring data accuracy. Currently, Simplamo supports users to import 3 types of data: User, Goals, and Metrics.

💪🏾 New Updates

Smart Measurable

The automatic Index calculation feature allows users to set up formulas for the Index, and Simplamo will automatically calculate the value of the Index based on the formula set up. This saves time and ensures the accuracy of the Index.

Quick To-dos creation

To increase convenience for users, Simplamo has developed the feature of quickly creating new To-dos. Users only need to enter the title of the task and the system will immediately create a new To-do.

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where users were deleted but the magic link still appeared.
  • Fixed the display of the Leadership Team when creating a company.
  • Fixed the drag and drop feature for grouping Issues.
  • Fixed the inaccurate count of overdue To-dos.
  • Fixed the update order of Teams.