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Simplamo Updates v1.18

🚀 New Features

Users can add notes or comments to tasks in the Rocks, Milestone, and To-dos list. With this feature, users can share information, opinions, or questions with other team members, making the progress of tasks more effective.

💪🏾 New Updates

Milestone Duplication

The milestone duplication feature allows users to create a copy of a previously created milestone to reuse in other projects or stages.

Milestones are often used to mark important milestones in a project, such as completing an important stage, achieving an important goal, or the completion time of a task. Using the milestone duplication feature helps save time and effort in creating new milestones, while ensuring accuracy and consistency among milestones in the project.

Automatic Goal Setting for Scorecards

The automatic goal setting feature allows the software to automatically fill in data into fields in the Metrics, based on the header data entered by the user.

Automatically filling in data helps users save time and minimize errors during data entry, while improving the accuracy of the data.

Advanced Goal Setting for Scorecards

Advanced Goal Setting for Scorecards allows users to set specific goals to measure the performance of an organization. This feature is often used in Scorecards used to evaluate and manage the performance of business activities, where advanced goals will be used to set measurement targets and measure the progress of the organization.

Setting advanced goals helps users focus on the most important goals and develop specific plans to achieve those goals. This feature also helps users track progress towards goals and adjust plans as necessary to ensure the ultimate goal is achieved.

Update payment history information

Simplamo records payment transactions made on the website, including information such as contract codes, total invoices, next payment dates, and other transaction-related details.

This feature helps users easily track their payment history and ensure the accuracy of payment information.

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed PDF does not display company logo
  • Fixed PDF conversation does not match evaluation on the web
  • Fixed users cannot delete companies
  • Fixed Metrics data on dashboard and module is not synchronized
  • Fixed permission in Activity Timeline.